The Academy of Finland

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Hakaniemenranta 6
POB 131
FI-00531 Helsinki
Tel. +358 9 774 881
fax +358 9 7748 8299

The Academy of Finland’s mission is to finance high-quality scientific research, act as a science and science policy expert, and strengthen the position of science and research.

The Academy works to contribute to the renewal, diversification and increasing internationalisation of Finnish research. Its operation covers the full spectrum of scientific disciplines.

The Academy supports and facilitates researcher training and careers in research, internationalisation as well as the practical application of research results.

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The herpes virus has long been thought to cause sea turtles to develop fatal tumours. Although the number of the world’s sea turtles developing tumours has been decreasing since the 90s, a new study shows this doesn’t mean that turtles are rid of herpes.