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VIDEO: Researchers create microscopic Pac-Man

Tiny organisms star in a microscopic remake of the iconic computer game from the '80s.

"Alcohol and other drug treatment needs to involve the family"

Treatment for alcohol and drug addiction is more effective when the family is involved. However, they seldom are. Why is this the case?

This is why you have negative feelings after sex

Have you had sex and then regretted it or felt rejected? You aren’t alone, and nothing’s wrong with you, either.

Finger on the pulse of terror

An organized terror attack will have greater impact in a country like Norway than in a country like Israel. This has been shown in a new study at the University of Bergen.

Overweight youths at greater risk for heart failure

A high BMI when you’re young increases the risk of heart failure, even if you’re dieting away the pounds as you get older. Yo-yo dieting is the worst.

Sending Norwegian research ethics out into Europe

Norwegian guidelines for research ethics are unique and can be useful throughout the world, according to a Swedish expert on ethics. However, just having guidelines isn't enough; they must be used and discussed, say researchers.

Salmon will have to make do with less omega-3

Omega-3 is in short supply and must be distributed wisely. Farmed salmon is one of the omega-3 lovers who now have less omega-3 in their diet than before. The question scientists are asking is how little marine omega-3 farmed salmon can cope with.

"Extremism is a research ethics minefield"

Are extremists as entitled to privacy as other people? How should researchers avoid helping them – or opening old wounds among victims and their families? Two of Norway's leading researchers in the field believe that research on extremism requires a high level of awareness of ethical issues.

Exercise mends impaired diabetic heart function

Our heart’s left ventricle empties on each heartbeat. In many people with diabetes, it takes longer for the heart to refill with blood between heartbeats than in healthy individuals. But exercise can fix the problem, a new study shows.

Keeping an eye on tropical forests

Countries can receive funding for monitoring and protecting their tropical forests. But some countries don't have the proper tools to qualify. A Norwegian project aims to change this.
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