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Heart disease – more serious for women?

On average, women live longer than men. But for women with cardiovascular disease who undergo open-heart surgery, it’s different.

"They don’t treat Norwegian prisoners like that"

Romanians and Roma report experiences of racism and discrimination in Norwegian prisons. They often claim that they are not provided opportunities to which they have a rightful claim.

Health anxiety increases risk of heart attack

Hypochondriacs have 70 per cent higher risk of heart disease, shows a study from the University of Bergen.

How environmental and dietary changes affect farmed fish

Aquaculture diet has become increasingly plant based. In addition, the industry faces environmental changes. Recent findings in salmonids when the two challenges are combined, give cause for concern.

Breakthrough for Norwegian nori

Norwegian lab successfully cultivates red Porphyra algae for the first time. The algae has great potential as a "superfood".

New technology can detect fake fingerprints

3D fingerprinting can detect forgers. It could also make border crossings and passport controls safer and faster.

Microplastics in the earth: A reason to worry?

While the focus to date has been on microplastics in the ocean, microplastics in soils have largely been overlooked. Researchers are concerned about the lack of knowledge regarding potential consequences of microplastics in agricultural landscapes.

Inside Guantanamo’s barbed wire fence

A Norwegian researcher on international courts and tribunals wanted to see what is going on in the Military trials at Guantanamo Bay. That turned out to be quite the challenge.

Does it matter how long you sit—if you are fit?

It may not be enough just to meet public health guidelines for physical activity if you want to stave off the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, especially if you are older.

The welfare state boosts capitalism

"Welfare state arrangements work well in combination with capitalist competition," says economics professor.
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