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What makes us pay for play and pleasure?

Norwegian researcher has identified seven characteristics of brilliant experiences.

Tailor-made medicine to fight the salmon louse

The salmon louse has become ever more resistant to drugs. The Sea Lice Research Centre in Bergen works to find new solutions to fight it.

Using Lego to learn about machines

Building sets and toys help pupils taking vocational programmes about technological and industrial processes. Pupils can now simulate entire production plants with the help of Lego.

Rich, white men at the top of CERN

Only about 10 percent of the physicists on the permanent staff at CERN are women. The a structure and culture at the world’s largest particle physics laboratory is highly male dominated at all levels, researcher claims.

Norway more innovative than previously suggested

Statistics Norway finds that Norway has far more innovators than indicated by previous international surveys of innovation capacity.

Tourists cause seabirds to abandon nests

Summer months are peak season for both bird breeding and bird watching. Noise from tourists, however, can scare the birds away from their eggs and chicks.

Parents benefit from their child attending therapy

In a new study, researchers demonstrate parents’ emotional response to the therapy their child receives.

Premiere for intensive production of Atlantic bluefin tuna

Up until now, it has been impossible to produce high-quality feed for the early stages of one of the world’s most valuable fish species. Researchers believe that they have managed to crack the code.

Humanities research contributes to artistic creation

Art may not only be an object or an expression in itself, but rather part of a discussion of a sensitive issue and an expression of a collective experience.

Scaring chickens to see who is most afraid

Are free-range chickens more easily frightened than chickens that have lived their lives in cages? Researchers seek out the answer by scaring them.
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