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Calls for more passive houses

If all Norwegians completely renovated their houses, vast amounts of electricity could be saved and used elsewhere, estimates show.

Too much selenium is bad for reproduction

Although experimented on zebrafish, the researchers believe the results are applicable to humans.

Occasional smoking is transitory

If you are a 21-year-old who smokes every now and then, there is a more than 50 percent chance you will completely quit before you reach 27.

Urgent need to phase out coal power

Coal power is one of the main causes why greenhouse gas emissions have risen at an unprecedented rate over the last 10 years. We can cut emissions using wind power, solar heat and power, highly efficient building shells and electric vehicles.

"We all have to make sacrifices"

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee – then cycle to work.

Greenland sharks have high levels of toxic pollutants

It is well known that polar bears accumulate alarmingly high concentrations of PCBs and other pollutants. It is now discovered that also Greenland sharks have contaminants in their bodies. The long-term effects remain unknown.

Biochar reduces heavy metal uptake in plants

New study reveals that biochar has the ability to reduce plants’ uptake of heavy metals, especially from highly contaminated soil.

New insect species discovered in the Seychelles

Keeping in mind that it is so small that it can barely be seen by the naked eye, the discovery is a great accomplishment.

Love matters more than genes for children with same-sex parents

Water just may be as thick as blood for children growing up with parents of the same sex. In a study of 25, they all reported a childhood that resembles any other childhood – where close family ties are established through mutual love and understanding.

Norwegian students prefer English-speaking countries

Great Britain and the US are on top of the list for most Norwegians who want to study abroad. While expert urges them go places where they can learn German or French.
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