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New findings on the last poet of antiquity

Dioscorus of Aphrodito was the last poet of antiquity. Most likely, he was also involved in business with a monastery; this we can learn from a letter from the 6th century.

Viking-age silver button and balance scales found

When archaeologists found these and other artefacts during a dig in mid-Norway, they realized they had intriguing evidence of a Viking-age trading area mentioned in the Norse Sagas.

Music in harmony with faith

There is a clear connection between spiritual beliefs in a society and the music it creates, says Norwegian researcher.

Good service needs design

80 percent of company leaders think they deliver a superior service experience. However, only 8 percent of their customers agree.

The art of empowering your employees

Employees are at their best when they feel a sense of ownership to their jobs. However, leaders may encounter a number of barriers when giving employees more influence over their own work situation.

Visual language will give better online services

When you last bought a book or a trip online, did you have a good or poor user experience?

Nanoparticles helping to recover more oil

Much of the oil that petroleum companies leave behind can be recovered with the help of nanoparticles and a simple law of physics.

Tracking the impacts of alien species

A new method enables researchers and others to assess and classify the environmental impacts of alien species.

Linking science and policy to adapt to climate change

Climate change will have an impact on the agriculture and water sectors and affect rice and other crop production in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in India. A new research program aims to help.

A microphone that listens with light

A sensor developed in Norway gives microphones hyper-acute hearing and a sense of direction.
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