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Opposites do best in negotiations

The best results are achieved when a cooperative negotiator meets one who is only concerned with his own profit.

Slowly but surely more women at the top in Norwegian academia

Over half of the academic staff in lower level positions in Norwegian academia – research fellows, assistant professors and associate professors – are women. However, women comprise only 25 percent of the professors.

Hope for the climate, hope for clean air

Climate talks in New York last week have offered a glimmer of hope that the world’s political leaders finally understand the need to act to curb global warming.

The unique Norwegian female sports heroes

In Norwegian handball, the women dominate the scene completely.

Customers who redeem their rewards in loyalty programs buy more

Both before and after redeeming a reward, the customers purchase more than usual.

Viruses that play hide and seek

Every year, two million children die of acute respiratory infections. Among the culprits are several different viruses, one of which your child almost certainly has had without you or the doctors ever knowing it.

Entrepreneurs are more single-minded

But is it because they are born that way, or did they become like that?

Ebola’s deadly toll on healthcare workers

Ebola’s deadly effects on the Sierra Leonean healthcare community not only has repercussions for the delivery of health care, but on the training of future health care providers involved in an innovative Norwegian surgical training programme.

Screening footballers for heart risk is no guarantee

Recent findings concerning heart screenings may improve the examinations and reduce costs, but the methods still need to be refined. Mads Stokkelien, of the New York Cosmos, is not convinced screening all footballers is the right way to go.

From dried cod to tissue sample preservation

Researchers are looking at the salt cod industry for a potential tissue sample drying technology that could save money without sacrificing tissue quality.
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