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Keeping an eye on tropical forests

Countries can receive funding for monitoring and protecting their tropical forests. But some countries don't have the proper tools to qualify. A Norwegian project aims to change this.

Is poor sleep quality harmful for the heart?

Serious sleep problems are associated with heart failure, but they don’t seem to impair cardiac function.

Living longer by eating whole grain bread

A recent meta-analysis shows that consuming a lot of whole grains decreases the risk of dying prematurely.

Depression can affect the whole family's health

Relatives provide important support for loved ones suffering from depression, but healthcare services don’t work with the whole family when they treat depressed patients. Negative health consequences can then affect other family members, too.

Buying social responsibility with employees' pensions

Corporate social responsibility is more important than high returns when companies invest their staff's pension money.

Power hungry employees don't notice discrimination

People who are interested in gaining power for themselves are less aware of discrimination and injustice in the workplace.

The potato disease that changed the world

Potato blight changed Europe and America, and led to widespread deaths and mass emigration. And we’re not rid of it yet. But where did it come from?

Norwegian viking saga confirmed by archaeological discovery

Archaeologists working in Trondheim in Norway are amazed by the discovery of a human skeleton in the bottom of an abandoned castle well. The skeleton provides evidence that confirms dramatic historical events mentioned in the Sagas.

Uncovering the secrets of Arctic seabird colonies

Seabirds nest by the hundreds of thousands in colonies along the Norwegian coast. Now, scientists have uncovered the factors that help determine the location of seabird nesting colonies.

Talks about sticking to the budget, does little about it

Those who go on and on about staying within the budget, are also the ones who end up spending the most money and having the biggest overruns.
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