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Smart firms detect their problems in advance

Sensors, data and analyses all help to give advance warning of critical situations developing on production lines. This can reduce downtime by 50 per cent.

Researchers with children – a disadvantage in academia

Both male and female researchers with children struggle to combine career and family. The competition is now coming from researchers who don’t have children or access to welfare benefits such as parental leave.

When sex becomes impossible due to burning pain in and around the vulva

Women with vestibulodynia feel that they’re missing out on the wonderful sex that the media boasts of. And they’re ashamed of being poor sexual partners.

Eagle-eyed subsea camera

A new subsea camera has been developed that can see two to three times further under water than existing cameras and calculate distances to objects. This will make work carried out under water much easier.

Climate research using lasers and water pipes

Global warming disturbs the delicate balance of the ocean currents. Petroleum and climate researchers work together to try and understand what is happening beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

One-quarter of teens have migraines

Most teens say that classroom noise, tiredness, and poor ventilation are the reason for their problems. Mostly girls are affected.

Media's power over science

The media shape the public's views about controversial scientific issues through the language they use to frame these issues.

Democracy lost for non-members of the European Union

Why it’s so problematic to be a reluctant European – an associated non-member of the European Union.

Prime-time charging of electric cars could be a problem

If everyone drove electric cars, there wouldn’t be enough power to charge them all when people got home in the afternoon. The solutions could affect your wallet.

Pork ribs get greener

Imported soya is one of the major protein sources in diets for Norwegian pigs. But now the pigs will become more environmentally friendly.
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