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Making juice healthier with skin and seeds

Many of the beneficial substances in berries are found in the skin and the seeds – which are usually discarded when the berries are pressed to give juice.

The typical Norwegian solar heating system owner is a man in his mid-fifties

He is resourceful, technically skilled, wants to save money and protect the environment.

Lung cancer is rarely detected by current X-ray examinations

X-ray images reveal only 20 percent of the lung cancer cases. CT images reveal 90 percent.

Short commutes enable women to work full time

In order to manage a full time job it is necessary for women to have short distances between home, work, kindergarten and the supermarket.

Plastic solar cells see the light of day

In the future, you may be able to buy solar cells for your roof from a roll, by the metre.

The Nordic region could reap the benefits of a warmer climate

A warmer climate will pose a challenge to agriculture, fisheries and forestry in the Nordic region. But the region will also experience changes that may lead to increased sustainability and growth in production.

The Norwegian constitution: from autocracy to democracy

When the Norwegian constitution was adopted in 1814, it represented a dramatic break from the absolute monarchy and aristocratic privilege of the past.

Ships without skippers

Researchers believe that in ten to twenty years time there will be 200 metre cargo vessels plying the oceans without the need of a captain or crew.

A nurturing father has a positive influence on a child's development

But only if he spends a considerable amount of time with the child during its first year.

Testing the fossil record

Does the fossil record paint an accurate picture of the history of life? Norwegian geobiologist believes that fossils can tell us a lot about the evolution of life, but also about the evolution of Earth itself.
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