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Stressed by technology

Technology makes it easier to disturb people. Managers must take this into consideration, according to researchers.

GPS collared leopard becomes movie star

Poop, photo traps and GPS collars have revealed how leopards and people in India share the same space. The adventures of one particular leopard inspired the making of a Bollywood feature film.

Patent trolls can increase innovation

Companies that secure patent rights only in order to claim licence fees have a bad reputation. However, research shows that patent trolls can make it easier for small innovators to make money

Students rebuild an orphanage after Typhoon Yolanda

Four Norwegian architecture students spent their autumn semester working on rebuilding Streetlight, an orphanage in the Philippines that was destroyed by a typhoon before Christmas last year.

Ductile materials for Arctic conditions

The production of oil and gas at temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees below zero means that researchers must advance the development of materials that can withstand these harsh conditions.

Atlantic cod recovers quickly after catch-and-release

Atlantic cod recover quickly if they get fished in shallow water, are handled properly and released immediately after capture.

More sun means fewer children and grandchildren

A new study shows that periods of high UV radiation can affect a population over several generations.

Amphetamine gets the job done

Drugs are usually associated with vulnerable social groups. New research reveals that amphetamine, however, is used by some in physically demanding manual jobs - to sustain long working hours.

In the eagle’s eyrie

Not everyone willingly participates in research projects. Some actually fight it beak and claw.

Making the case for China’s underprivileged

Fighting for the rights of migrant workers in China - without over-stepping the limits of what the authorities allow - is a difficult balancing act. But grassroots organizations are becoming increasingly brave.
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