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Vitamin substance suppresses inflammation

Some forms of inflammation may result in serious illness in the body. However, a substance derived from vitamin A appears to be capable of suppressing inflammatory responses.

CO2 scrubbing costs less on the continental shelf

Of all the CO2 that is produced in the Nordic countries, the cheapest to deal with is what is produced together with natural gas from offshore gas-fields.

How to make the perfect jam

Which types of strawberry and raspberry are best suited for making jam? Researchers, plant breeders and berry and jam producers are working together to find the answer.

Intuition and analytical skills matter most in a crisis

People who prefer to combine quick, intuitive decisions with analysis, make the best decisions in a crisis situation, a new study shows.

Children need time out from adult control

Too many adult-directed activities in day care centres may inhibit children's curiosity and desire to learn.

Pipelines that carry out their own health checks

Long pipelines crammed with electronics are being tested in the waters of Orkanger harbour in Norway. They are the first in the world able to report their technical condition to personnel onshore.

Exercise at home is as good as in the lab

Cardiac patients benefit from home-based high intensity training without needing the support of technicians or sophisticated equipment.

Media images of women are getting worse

The way women are represented in the media is getting worse every day, researchers say. However, the representation of Norwegian female politicians may be the exception to the general rule.

Tanzanian parks need bigger buffers

New research shows that Tanzania needs to increase the buffer zones around its national parks to minimize the conflicts between humans and wild animals.

Hydropower set to balance wind power

While Europe invests in wind energy, hydropower can ensure stable electricity supplies in Norway.
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Pregnant and puffing on a smoke

Norwegian research shows that one out of four female smokers in Europe continue to smoke cigarettes during their pregnancies. Vivid differences are seen among the European countries in this regard.