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Big-brained birds less likely to die in traffic

Collisions with cars kill millions of birds every year. Mostly the ones with small brains.

The stereotypical picture of intimate partner violence revised

A higher socio-economic status than one's partner increases the chance of psychological violence and abuse. This applies to both men and women.

Mergers mean less power to the trade unions

International mergers reduce the influence of trade unions and lead to lower pay for employees, according to research.

HIV-preventive drugs for breastfed infants

Drugs may reduce the risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV during breastfeeding.

Giant hospitals neither cheaper nor better

Mergers in the hospital sector are based on a desire for better and cheaper hospitals. So far, few such effects have been seen, resercher believes.

Less time for meal breaks

Fewer and fewer pupils in Norwegian schools are given the 20-minute meal break recommended by the government.

What do you know about Lawrence of Rome?

The EU wants people to get more interested in their cultural heritage, and is starting pilot projects in England, Spain and Norway.

Heather burning has affected evolution

Heather seeds germinate faster after a fire.Though only in cultural landscapes.

Lifesaving sensor for full bladders

A small pressure sensor can make the difference between life and death for people who can not control their bladder.

Fight fire with water mist

An extinguishing system based on water mist may prevent fires from spreading.
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