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Northern lights makes drilling for oil difficult

It may sound strange, but northern lights and oil drilling are affected by the same phenomenon.

Forgotten museum specimens shed new light on animal history

The NTNU University Museum has uncovered long forgotten specimens, such as a squirrel from 1878 and a 6,600-year-old walrus, providing new information on the history of their species.

A big gut increases risk of cancer

A lifestyle that increases the risk of heart disease also raises the risk of developing several types of cancer.

“Norwegian authorities fail Muslim women”

When Norwegian law meets Muslim family law, the human rights of Muslim immigrant women are violated. This is one of the findings in a new doctoral dissertation

How should child protection services react to calls of concern?

Resarcher Vibeke Samsonsen has found strengths and weaknesses in how investigations are currently conducted by the child protection services in Norway and England.

Viking movie will be entirely in Old Norwegian

Liða skaltú ok deyja! — May you suffer and die! Thorough research and hard work has led to one of few films to exclusively use genuine viking language.

Skeletons reveal history

Using skeletons, biological anthropologist Stian Suppersberger Hamre studies the diet and travels of Scandinavians 1,000 years ago.

Early Earth may have been freezing cold

Contrary to popular belief: When Earth’s first organisms were formed, it may have been in an ice cold ocean.

Even the smallest love handle can be dangerous

It's not just obesity that can increase the risk of heart failure. Just a few extra kilos, especially around the gut, can have similar effects.

The transition to green energy has not really begun

Building 278 new wind turbines in Norway won't be nearly enough for the country's transition to more climate friendly practices.
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