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Children exposed to adult radiation levels from CT scans

Research shows that the radiation doses given to children in CT scans in the1990s were significantly higher than today.

Swapped lectures with video and group sessions

A Norwegian math lecturer figured he should be interacting more with his students, rather than just summarizing the course syllabus during the time he had disposable for teaching.

Norwegian prisons rehabilitate criminal offenders

Criminals who are sentenced to prison are less prone to reoffend. They are also more likely to work. This is shown by a study led by researchers at the University of Bergen.

Beer and a calf’s head yield gold and silver

Scientists striving to recreate the 500-year-old technique of mint masters found their solution in a boiled calf’s head and good beer.

Happier when taking the pills themselves

Earlier on, they needed assistance from a community nurse to take their pills, but now they take their medicine themselves with the help of a pill dispenser. The result is a better quality of life.

Bubbles in the blood fight pancreatic cancer

The use of microbubbles nearly doubles the survival time of patients with pancreatic cancer, a new Norwegian clinical trial shows. This is the first time this technique is used to treat patients.

How to succeed with managing cultural diversity

Middle management plays a key role when a company wants to improve the management of diversity. What characterises the success stories?

Getting the full picture on greenhouse gases

A new project aims to understand greenhouse gas emissions - literally from the ground up.

Breeding gluttons in the battle against salmon lice

Scientists have started to breed fish which have a special liking for consuming salmon lice. The preference for salmon lice seems to be a genetic trait.

India: An Economic Giant, but a Hungry Nation

India has been the poster child of freedom and democracy for over six decades, but why is it not able to adequately feed its poor?
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