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Dark lords, werewolves and Indiana Jones in the polar night

The polar night descends on the arctic archipelago of Svalbard for more than 100 days a year. But even in the depths of this darkness, the oceans are churning with activity.

Will gender balance in academia change gender perspectives in research?

Gender balance leads to better research, and to more research with gender perspectives, claims Norwegian researcher.

How science can improve sporting events

With help from scientist at SINTEF, the Norwegian company Profixio is aiming to become a world leader in fixture scheduling for handball, football and volleyball tournaments.

The ideal clothing for extremely low temperatures

If the Norwegian oil and gas industry is heading into the Arctic, it must be dressed for the occasion. This requires unique specialist technical expertise.

Children born in winter have vulnerable lungs

A mother who smoked, respiratory infections, and when you were born, all contribute to how fast your lungs age.

Victims of violence stop breastfeeding sooner

One in four women who have been victims of violence as adults is at risk of stopping breastfeeding before the baby is four months old.

Eco-cement from Norwegian clay

Blue clay from Norway is emerging as a climate-friendly alternative to cements used to make concrete – turning a waste material into a resource.

Too much or too little sleep can lead to coronary heart disease

A new study of nearly 400,000 people shows that getting enough sleep may be especially important for women and the elderly.

Keeping Arctic villages and infrastructure from falling into the sea

The Arctic is set to be a 21st century boomtown, as summer sea ice melts away, opening the area to increased trans-Arctic shipping and oil and gas development.

Putting insects on the dinner table

Norwegian students want to start farming and selling insects as food. But it may take some time before Norwegian families begin to include grasshoppers in their Friday night dinners.
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