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New DNA test for escaped salmon

Scientists have developed a new DNA test for escaped salmon that makes it easy to track down the responsible fish farm.

Risky young drivers are highly emotional

When the emotional centre in a young person's brain overrides the part that's responsible for rational decisions – you‘ve got yourself a risky driver.

Social media is a challenge for the child welfare service

Facebook and Instagram may put children's need for protection at risk. Researchers believe the child welfare service must work on making them safe to use.

Norwegian to the rescue for Mediterranean oranges

Unpleasant fungus that could infect European citrus fruits is causing headaches in the EU. Now a Norwegian scientist has been brought in to help.

The key to success for entrepreneur companies

Funding from both local and international capitalists result in long-lasting success and makes it more likely to become a listed company. Particularly in developing countries.

Failed campaigns against female genital mutilation

International organisations that campaign against female genital mutilation are being met with scepticism. Changes must come from within, says researcher.

Your boss has felt cross-pressured for years

Most employees sometimes feel they are torn between conflicting interests. As it turns out, the managers feel this pressure too – and they put up with it.

Munch was his own art disseminator

Edvard Munch used the media and contemporary methods to disseminate his work. He was a modern man of his time, says art professor.

Better food provision could save more drug addicts

Malnutrition is a significant cause of declining health among illicit drug addicts, and is probably an underestimated factor in drug-related deaths.

The climate solutions lie in society

Researcher believes that the most effective responses to climate change will be the ones that address the society.
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