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In the hunt for obesity and diabetes genes

What roles do diets and genetics play in the development of obesity and diabetes?

Beautiful, but blacklisted

Policeman’s Helmet is a fast-growing plant that can easily adapt to different conditions.

Making robots work out where they are and where they’re going

Most people can quite easily find their way outdoors or inside a building – a robot has no idea.

Predicting future food crises

Climate change threatens world food supplies. Researcher uses simulators to see how these changes affect food systems.

New way of visualizing young hearts can save lives

A new kind of ultrasound technology easily shows how blood flows through the heart in foetuses, newborns and children. It’s a tool that can save lives.

Being overweight causes hazardous inflammations

Researchers have found a possible molecular explanation for why being overweight is harmful.

Humble leaders get more commitment

Leaders who are more critical of their own leadership style than their employees are, have greatest success, according to new research.

How is earth connected to space?

That is one of the questions the researchers at the Birkeland Centre for Space Science are trying to answer.

Healthy working environment is a saviour for contract workers

Contract workers in Norway often face the worst and most unpredictable working conditions. But good management and support from colleagues make a big difference.

Treating cancer with Botox

Researchers have found a novel approach to treating gastric cancer.
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