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These animals can provide new insights into cancer

How can water bears survive outer space conditions as well as provide new insights into cancer and what aging does to us?

Healthy bread for the future

Scientists have developed bread that may help reduce cholesterol levels. The secret is treating the dietary fibres in the dough just right.

Hiring Knut ahead of Muhammed

Despite the fact that both men have grown up in Norway and have the same education and work experience, Norwegian employers choose Knut more often than Muhammed.

Dissolving cholesterol crystals may help treat heart disease

An American mother’s hunch might result in new treatments for patients who can’t tolerale conventional cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Why we need a new research center on right-wing extremism

Two researchers from the soon to be opened Center for Research on Extremism at the University of Oslo, Norway, talk at length about extremism and hate crime in this interview.

Investigating mass graves can build trust

Violence ended in the former Yugoslavia, the conflicts did not. Forensic investigations of mass graves can help to reconcile enemies.

What you should know about animal research

OPINION: Why animal testing is still necessary.

Northern lights makes drilling for oil difficult

It may sound strange, but northern lights and oil drilling are affected by the same phenomenon.

Forgotten museum specimens shed new light on animal history

The NTNU University Museum has uncovered long forgotten specimens, such as a squirrel from 1878 and a 6,600-year-old walrus, providing new information on the history of their species.

A big gut increases risk of cancer

A lifestyle that increases the risk of heart disease also raises the risk of developing several types of cancer.
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