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Explaining financial prices

The buying and selling of government bonds by banks accounts for 25 percent of the daily price changes in the market. Order flows can be used to predict future price changes.

Intelligent ear plug protects hearing

Recently 80 workers on the oil drilling platforms in the North Sea started their shifts by putting an intelligent plug in their ears.

Norway leads Italy in board work

Measures to raise the quality of board work would have a greater effect in Italy than in Norway because Italy starts at a lower level.

Sober up with LSD

Forty years ago, LSD was used in the treatment of alcoholics - with good results. Perhaps it’s time to look at it again?

Urban Norway on the rise

Norway’s urban regions continue to grow steadily. Yet these regions are receiving little attention from the government and are rarely represented in public administrative documents or legislation.

Martyrs on Facebook

Can a woman be a genuine martyr? Is it a compliment to say to a woman that she is “equal to a thousand men”? Feminist activists in Iran are waging an ideological war on Facebook.

When the best just isn’t good enough

Decision-makers who are concerned with finding the best alternative are less satisfied with their choices than decision-makers who go for good enough.

Cells with a licence to kill

The body's natural killer cells are programmed to kill without the intervention of any safety mechanism. Now researchers know why.

Still a difference in opinion on gender equality

Most young people in the Nordic countries support gender equality, but there are still quite a few who believe that the man should be the head of the family.

Beaten by their wives

Violence is neither a women’s problem nor a men’s problem, it is a human problem. But men who are physically abused by their partners don't talk about it.
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