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Northern carnivorous dinosaur was a vegetarian

An overlooked clue preserved in 123 million-year-old sandstone deposits debunks the belief that meat-eating dinosaurs roamed the island archipelago of Svalbard

This is what a 50-million-year-old bat looked like

Scientists have for the first time determined the colour of an extinct mammal: a bat that lived 50 million years ago.

Sea monsters on Svalbard in music video

A new video summarizes ten years of research and palaentological excavations.

Testing the fossil record

Does the fossil record paint an accurate picture of the history of life? Norwegian geobiologist believes that fossils can tell us a lot about the evolution of life, but also about the evolution of Earth itself.

Exhibition fuses fossils with rock music

The term oldies in rock takes on a different meaning as heavy-rock polychaete annelid worm and Mark Knopfler’s dinosaur arrive at Oslo’s Natural History Museum.

Paleontologist makes music video to convey his research on the fossil Ida

He uses the occasion to let off a little steam that has been building up over the past five years.

The fossil Ida – five years on

It’s been five years since the news of the fossil Ida was made public. What are the researcher’s thoughts about the media circus he initiated back then? And how did he deal with the anger he released in academic circles?

Ancient marine lizard had telltale fish tail

The discovery of a fossil tail fin of the extinct marine reptile prognathodon is revolutionizing perceptions of these giant predators, which dominated the oceans in the Cretaceous Period.