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pain management

Antibiotics may help with intense back pain

A Norwegian study will research whether bacteria are responsible for some types of back pain.

Scientist will decode neuron messages to treat pain

A new Ph.D. project will try to decode the scrambled messages from damaged nerve cells and develop new treatments to combat neuropathic pain.

Genetic defect makes some nearly immune to morphine

When one patient received 60 times the normal dose of morphine, and still didn’t notice anything, the doctor called the scientists at NTNU.

A wristband and an app for a better back

Are you doing your back exercises correctly? Are you following the plan that your doctor or physiotherapist set up for you? New technology could help you follow up on their advice and adapt the exercises to your needs.

Tailored fibromyalgia treatment using smartphones

Fibromyaligia patients became more active and less pain oriented after participating in a research programme involving a smartphone.

Norwegians suffer more painful deaths than necessary

Norwegian health personnel don’t administer enough pain relief to the dying. New research shows that this is partly due to fears of being accused of euthanasia.