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old people

This diaper liner can collect urine samples

A newly developed diaper liner can register substances in older patients urine, and rule out the possibility of urinary infection.

Automatic drug dispensers empower the elderly

Sixteen elderly people in a Norwegian municipality have been testing an automatic drug dispenser at home in their living rooms. Results include increased feelings of empowerment, time saved by the home care services, and fewer medication errors.

Dementia patients take alternative medicines – and forget about it

If you use a blood-thinning medication – an anti-coagulant – certain natural preparations can increase risks of either haemorrhaging or suffering blood clots.

Earmarked taxes can finance elder boom costs

We will be twice as wealthy in 2060 as we are today. But it’s doubtful that we will be eager to pay more taxes – unless we know what the money is going to.

Winter can be the ultimate chill-out

If you have reached the autumn of your years, watch out for winter! For reasons which are not wholly clear, from age 70 the odds of death in January or February are much higher than in the rest of the year.

Elderly eat too little, and fast too long at night

One in three residents in nursing homes in Oslo is undernourished or at risk of undernutrition.

Tablets are too difficult for old people

Growing numbers of elderly people in Norway are being offered by the welfare services to use tablet computers for controlling functions in their home. But many find an iPad too difficult to understand.

Care but no caring

Nursing care at home can be the best solution for many elderly who manage to live on their own. But a new study reveals how they frequently encounter a lack of respect and empathy from nurses.

New floor covering will cut injury rates

A shock-absorbing floor covering will make life safer for nursing-home residents. This could cut bone fracture rates in half.

Laughing away myths about old age

Researcher uses humor to bust myths about old age and the elderly.