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oil and gas

Northern lights makes drilling for oil difficult

It may sound strange, but northern lights and oil drilling are affected by the same phenomenon.

Taking care of old oil wells

Thousands of old offshore oil wells will have to be plugged to prevent leaks. The process is expensive, but researchers now propose a solution that is much cheaper.

The mobile phone as a gateway to electrification

One billion people world-wide have no access to electricity to cook food or light their homes. Despite the technology being in place.

Preventing transformer explosions

Technology used in the crumple zones of cars can avert serious explosions in transformers, believe researchers.

When the oil runs out, the age of tiny things begins

Norway may have to depend on nanotechnology as its main source of income in the future. Nanotechnology is all about creating custom materials on a tiny scale that allows for incredible possibilities in the real world.

Professor: Norway's wealth is mostly due to luck

Norway has experienced robust growth, low unemployment and stable inflation. Professor argues that the current situation is mostly due to luck.

Questioning the ethics in petroleum research

“Universities and research institutions should carry out a thorough review of their petroleum research activities,” says chair of ethics committee.

Pipelines carry out their own health checks

Long pipelines crammed with electronics are being tested in the waters of Orkanger harbour in Norway. They are the first in the world able to report their technical condition to personnel onshore.

Poor sleep in the North Sea

Night shift workers and daytime workers in the offshore oil industry report similar sleep problems after a two-week work period, according to a Norwegian study.

The drones of oil

Geologists in Norway are using flying drones with cameras to hunt for oil.