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Calcium and vitamin D make you a survivor

A combination of calcium and vitamin D reduces mortality. This is good news for those who fear the side effects of calcium.

Too much vitamin D can kill you

In recent years vitamin D has become known as a super vitamin. But now a study of a quarter million Danes reveals a link between too much vitamin D and excess mortality.

Healthier food for day care children

The food now served in kindergartens is healthier than it used to be. Children are given fewer cakes and sweet drinks, and more of whole grain bread and vegetables.

Research-based cookbook for cavemen and Vikings

The first ever cookbook based on archaeological finds is now out in English. The recipes are based on research from numerous archaeological sites in central and northern Europe.

Herbs and berries can preserve meat

Why should the shelf life of meat products be extended by a chemical preservative, nitrite, if nature’s own products, grown ecologically, can be used? Researchers have found eight herbs and berries that can preserve meat – and also offer new flavours.

Salmon turn dross into gold

Farmed salmon compensate for low dietary marine omega-3 by making their own.

Farmed salmon retains good fats

Norwegian farmed salmon is still a good source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, even though these fish are now fed more vegetable oils than previously.

Eat Nordic food and live longer

It’s a good idea to eat rye bread and cabbage. It’s healthy, it’s Nordic and it helps us live longer.

Fish oil helps pigs through operations

Tests with pigs show that a diet rich in fish oil improves recovery after operations. The same positive effects could apply to humans too.

Tapeworm parasites in the brain give epilepsy

Traces of pork tapeworm that end up in the human brain can cause epilepsy, but both the parasite and its complications in the form of disease can be fought.