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What makes berries so healthy?

New research project sets out to unravel the mystery of why berries are so good for us. The findings could result in revised recommendations for a healthy diet.

Exclusive breastfeeding may cause B12 deficiency in babies

New study indicates that babies who are only fed breast milk do not get enough of the essential vitamin B12. This is contrary to WHO recommendations that babies should only receive breast milk in the first six months.

Researchers: rapid weight loss is the best

Obese people get the best results by losing weight quickly, new study argues. The conclusion challenges traditional views on what obese people need to do to become and remain slim.

Stone Age hunters liked their carbs

Analyses of Stone Age settlements reveal that the hunters were healthy and would gladly eat anything they could get their hands on, including carbohydrates – contrary to the modern definition of the Paleolithic, or Stone Age diet.

Kids prefer boring food

When we dine out with our kids, they usually insist on pasta and French fries rather than the fancy and exciting dishes on the menu. New study looks into children’s willingness to try out unfamiliar food.

Greenland's Viking settlers feasted on seals, then left

The Norse society did not die out due to an inability to adapt to the Greenlandic diet. An isotopic analysis of the Viking settlers’ bones shows that they ate plenty of seals.

And the healthiest Northerners are...

Nordic women have a healthier diet than their male counterparts, and less than one in ten Nordic children maintain a healthy diet, says new joint Nordic study.

A cup of coffee with biodiversity and clean drinking water, please

OPINION: Sales of clean water, CO2 credits and the protection of biodiversity can benefit the environment and provide an extra income for farmers who grow coffee under the shade of trees.

UV light turns mushrooms into vitamin D bombs

Mushrooms produce large amounts of vitamin D when illuminated with ultraviolet light. This discovery could make mushrooms a big hit with vitamin D-starved Scandinavians.

No more salmonella in Danish poultry

New statistics reveal that the battle against salmonella in Danish eggs and poultry is now finally coming to an end. The fight to free pork continues, however, while the hostile bacteria have now also seized fruit and vegetables.