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High carbohydrate intake may cause nausea and vomiting

Women who experience both nausea and vomiting during their first weeks of pregnancy often have a high nutritional intake based on large quantities of carbohydrates.

Meal hosts awaken patients’ appetite

A small research project has shown that hospital patients eat more and food waste is reduced when so-called patient meal hosts are used.

What’s so great about wholegrain bread?

Wholemeal bread has become generally accepted as the healthy alternative to bread made from refined white flour. A new study with pigs, bread-baking and fancy technology brings us closer to an answer to why this is so.

Simple diet eats 11 minutes off your marathon time

Most runners do not get enough carbs during marathons. By consuming more of them, they can cut an average of 11 minutes off their marathon time.

Fight fish disease with fish

Scientists are checking the possibility of limiting the spread of the dangerous fish disease FZT with the help of a very special fish.

Fish may not be good for your heart

New research indicates that a diet rich in fish does not prevent blood clots, as is commonly believed.

30 percent reduction of salt in food

It is entirely possible to reduce the salt content in a range of foods by up to 30 prosent without reducing the taste.

Slim and healthy people also get type 2 diabetes

Researchers have found a way of dividing type 2 diabetes patients into subgroups. Surprisingly, only one in four patients goes through what is considered the most common course of the disease.

Getting men to eat their greens

Men tend to eat high levels of saturated fat and refined carbohydrates, without sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Salt against blood poisoning

Why do premature infants develop blood poisoning if they receive a lot of nutrition? The salts phosphate and potassium are likely suspects.