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Nerve fibres’ secrets revealed

Nerve fibres, which transmit impulses from neurons, play a key role in the nervous system. Until now, no-one knew how they formed.

President Obama invests millions into Danish brain research

An international group of scientists will develop a brain scan method, which is far better than today's PET scans. For this purpose, they have received 1.5 million dollars from President Obama.

Danish scientists disprove popular Parkinson’s myth

Advanced computer models allow scientists to track brain processes causing the irreversible disease.

Why certain smells trigger memories

The signals from your nose connect to memories in an orchestrated symphony of signals in your brain.

Risky young drivers are highly emotional

When the emotional centre in a young person's brain overrides the part that's responsible for rational decisions – you‘ve got yourself a risky driver.

Lifesaving sensor for full bladders

A small pressure sensor can make the difference between life and death for people who can not control their bladder.

Old migraine theory crumpling

The cause of migraine headaches seems to be in the neural system of the brain, not in dilated blood vessels.

We need to rethink palliative medicine

Palliative care should be provided to patients with neurological disorders just as it is offered to cancer patients, according to neurologist.