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National identity

The Norwegian constitution: from autocracy to democracy

When the Norwegian constitution was adopted in 1814, it represented a dramatic break from the absolute monarchy and aristocratic privilege of the past.

When rebels dressed in national costumes

Today is Norwegian Constitution Day. Dressing up in national costumes is a big part of the traditional celebration. But no more than a hundred years ago, people were spat on for dressing this way.

Infants from immigrant group at risk

Stillbirths and infant deaths occur twice as often among the offspring of ethnic Pakistani couples in Norway than in ethnic Norwegians.

Salsa nationalism lives in Cuba

Cuban nationalism amplified by patriotic salsa rhythms replaced Marxist ideology when the Soviet Union collapsed and the Russians went home.

The power of myths

Few things are as effective as a good myth when it comes to uniting a people or building a nation.

Why Danes dance ’les Lanciers’

Danes are the only nation in the world to dance the ballroom dance ’les Lanciers’. Part of the explanation for its continued popularity can actually be traced to Beverly Hills 90210.