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Beating high altitude sickness with beet juice

The human body isn’t made to operate at high altitude, but drinking beet juice may help the body acclimatize.

Ancient snow patches melting at record speed

Climate change is about to wipe out snowfields that have survived in the Norwegian mountains for 5,000 years.

The lichen that only likes Galdhøpiggen

The lichen species Altissima has never been found anywhere else than the summit of Norway’s highest mountain – Galdhøpiggen.

Expanding mountain forest promotes climate warming

Birch forest is currently expanding in mountain regions because of climate warming and reduced grazing pressure. A recent study shows that increased mountain forest promotes climate warming.

Mountains of nurture rather than nature

The City Mountains of Bergen are typically Norwegian and covered with needle-bearing trees and birch. At least that’s what the locals would like to believe.

Norwegian mountain plateau could be several hundred million years younger than presumed

A new Norwegian study overturns textbook wisdom about the formation of high mountain plateaus round the world. But not all geologists are convinced by the new findings.

Mountain plants crowd at the peaks

A warmer climate is enabling hardy lowland vegetation to ascend mountains and thrive at higher altitudes. When they can’t get any higher, they’ll crowd together on peaks.

Climate change alters mountain plants

Climate change is having a more profound effect on alpine vegetation than at first anticipated.