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Roma and Romanians opt for Oslo despite abuse

Many homeless Roma and Romanians who panhandle on the streets of Oslo have experienced being spat on, struck or kicked. Despite such incidents, many like it in Oslo and plan to return.

Does money make us happier?

It doesn't seem to matter whether you're rich or poor: more money makes us a bit happier, we compare ourselves to our neighbours, and the things that are near and dear to us count the most.

Strict parents can get wasteful teenagers

Youth get good economic habits if their parents talk about savings and financial planning. Kids who perceive their parents as psychologically controlling can often be just as extravagant, hedonistic spenders as ones whose parents make few demands.

CEO takes credit for success; culture is to blame when it goes wrong

Managers often blame cultural differences when a merger or acquisition fails. When it succeeds, they often take personal credit, according to a new study.

The temptation of rebel shareholders

Companies with shares that are easy to buy and sell are more tempting to shareholders who want to actively wield their power as owners.

Patent trolls can increase innovation

Companies that secure patent rights only in order to claim licence fees have a bad reputation. However, research shows that patent trolls can make it easier for small innovators to make money

Professor: let’s fight corruption in Africa effectively

Foreign aid in Africa often lands in the wrong pockets. This leads many to call for a stop to aid Africa’s poor. A Professor of law suggests new, more sustainable solutions to the dilemma.

Norwegian research priorities for 2016

The Research Council of Norway is proposing an increase of NOK 1.1 billion for research in its input to the national budget for 2016. Special target areas in the proposed budget for 2016 include sustainability, innovation, the EU and world-leading research groups.

How do our brains react when income is distributed?

People prefer to get what they – and others – deserve.

Professor: Norway's wealth is mostly due to luck

Norway has experienced robust growth, low unemployment and stable inflation. Professor argues that the current situation is mostly due to luck.