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A teeny-weeny mystery: investigating the difference between you and me and a single-celled organism

The more scientists look at single-celled organisms, the more they realize we’re not as different from them as was once thought.

VIDEO: Researchers create microscopic Pac-Man

Tiny organisms star in a microscopic remake of the iconic computer game from the '80s.

Ancient living soil microbes discovered over two kilometres beneath the seafloor

A new study has drilled deeper into the seabed than ever before, and discovered a thriving community of ancient soil microbes, tens of millions of years old

Viruses that play hide and seek

Every year, two million children die of acute respiratory infections. Among the culprits are several different viruses, one of which your child almost certainly has had without you or the doctors ever knowing it.

A microorganism's day at work

A bacterium cultivated in the highlands of Bolivia meets a microorganism from an alkaline lake in Kenya. Together they create a team of billions of tireless workers that provide humans with fuel for our vehicles or plastic bags to carry our groceries.

Clustering fish serial killer

It strangles its victims - slowly. Despite treatments, the microorganism Saprolegnia are a recurring problem for fish hatcheries and fry production over the world, causing considerable losses.

Previously unknown particle increases ocean acidity

Until recently, nobody knew tiny calcium carbonate particles are prolifically found in the open sea. Their origin is a mystery but climate change models will need to take them into account.

New stem cell discovery has great therapeutic potential

The discovery of a new blood-vessel-generating cell offers new treatment opportunities for cardiovascular diseases, cancer and several other diseases.

Why we can’t avoid bacteria in hospitals

Bacteria use a hitherto unknown weapon to resist sterilisation of medical equipment. Our attempts to fight these bacteria in hospitals only make them stronger.

Making Norway's deadliest food

It's food, but not as we know it: a new processing plant is set to produce sausages packed with deadly E.coli and cheese full of Listeria – to save us from food poisoning.