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How we recall the details of a good book

We retain the main aspects of the plot in a coherent story. But an erratic tale shifts our attention to the nuances, shows new research.

Can cortisol indicate dementia?

High levels of the stress hormone cortisol could indicate memory problems in the elderly, but scientists do not know why.

The brain`s forgotten cells

For a long time, researchers have neglected the 100 million glial cells found in our brains, but that is no longer the case. Now they have discovered that the glial cells cleanse the brain of waste.

DNA copies reveal how healthy you are

The number of DNA copies left in our bodies reveal how our mental and physical heath will decline, study shows.

Do free-range chickens have better memory than caged chickens?

With a lot of help from 48 feathered friends, a Norwegain researcher is studying chickens' ability to learn and remember.

Pioneer neuropsychologist wins Kavli Prize

Brenda Milner brought about one of the most notable discoveries made in research on human memory. She has been awarded the Kavli Prize for Neuroscience together with John O’Keefe and Marcus E. Raichle.

Why certain smells trigger memories

The signals from your nose connect to memories in an orchestrated symphony of signals in your brain.

More years of education mean a better memory in old age

Public education reforms implemented decades ago are providing new insights. Each additional year of schooling can give mental benefits towards the end of life.

Men forget the most

Your suspicions have finally been confirmed. Men forget more than women do. Nine out of ten men have problems with remembering names and dates.

The past can haunt you and trigger insomnia

Like the Ghost of Christmas Past, bad memories can be preventing a good night’s sleep.