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medical practice

Online contact with the doctor’s office shortens the patient queue

Fewer patients have to wait in the telephone queue and at the doctor's office, as more people book their consultation and renew their prescriptions online.

Surviving hypothermia

If you’re found cold, lifeless, and without a detectable pulse, you’re more likely to end up in a morgue than a hospital. However, with proper first aid treatment, humans can survive many hours of cardiac arrest.

Listening in on doctor-patient consultations

Nearly 200 consultations in doctors’ offices have now been transcribed and made available for extensive research. Early studies show the difficulties doctors face discussing existential issues with their patients.

Docs dish out pills after suicide attempts

People who attempt to poison themselves with an overdose of prescription drugs have usually had access to plenty of pills. Physicians prescribe even more of these kinds of drugs to patients who survive drug overdose suicide attempts.