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Medical methods

What’s the lasting effect of surgical knee repair?

For the first time, a researcher has looked at how different surgical methods affect knee function 5-10 years after treatment.

Asthma or EILO: Are misdiagnosed breathing difficulties making children and adolescents less active?

EILO is a breathing problem that can be confused with asthma. Doctor believes many people don’t know they can get help.

This diaper liner can collect urine samples

A newly developed diaper liner can register substances in older patients urine, and rule out the possibility of urinary infection.

Cooled patients are treated differently

What is the best form of first aid for a cold, injured body? Mountain medicine researchers are now co-operating to find the answer. At present there is actually no “best practice” for treating these types of patients.

Most surgical meniscus repairs are unnecessary

Three out of four people could avoid knee surgery with a new form of exercise therapy, with significant cost savings for society.

Which days are the worst for surgery?

Patients who were operated on for oesophageal cancer had a higher survival rate if the surgery took place early in the week.

A mathematician in the operating room

Mathematician Mathias Barra looks at hospitals as if they are health factories. His goal is to find the safest, most efficient way to organize surgery and the use of shared resources.

Simplified diagnosis of coeliac disease

Diagnosis of coeliac disease requires a tissue sample from the small intestine, which can be extremely unpleasant. Norwegian researchers have developed a blood test which provides a rapid, painless answer.

Fake chiropractic treatments make for better research

Conducting research on chiropractic care is hard because it is very difficult to fool patients into thinking they have been given a treatment. But a Norwegian PhD candidate believes he has solved this problem.

Frozen ovarian tissue restores women’s fertility

Doctors removed ovarian tissue from women about to undergo chemotherapy – and when it was transplanted after chemo, patients were able to become pregnant.