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X-ray scanning to guarantee meat tenderness

Consumers may soon have a guarantee for the quality of meat they're paying for.

Using robots to get more food from raw materials

Can an industrial robot succeed both at removing the breast fillet from a chicken, and at the same time get more out of the raw materials? This is one of the questions to which researchers working on the CYCLE project now have the answer.

Scaring chickens to see who is most afraid

Are free-range chickens more easily frightened than chickens that have lived their lives in cages? Researchers seek out the answer by scaring them.

Big potential for reindeer meat

The amount of food reindeers eat and the way they are slaughtered affects the meat's quality.

Would you prefer to be thin or get bowel cancer?

The ongoing debate about low carbohydrate diets is far from over. Research shows that a bad diet is a more likely cause of cancer than tobacco.

Is meat from stressed animals unhealthy?

We love steak and sausages, but does a high level of axiety in animals make them unhealthy to eat?