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Until infidelity or impotence do us part – the history of divorce in Norway

The history of divorce reveals hidden stories of love, domestic violence and societal ideals for a healthy marriage.

Same-sex marriages are on the rise in Norway

Most of the same-sex marriages in Norway are between women. But lesbian marriages are more likely to end up in divorce than ones between men or between men and women.

Immigrants wait longer to marry

Pakistani Norwegians marry later than they used to.

Culture and legislation challenge divorces among Danish Turks

Relations to Denmark play an unexpected strategic role in divorces between ethnic Turks, shows new research.

Chinese lesbian women in facade marriages

Most lesbian women in China want to appear as normal as possible. This involves being married to a man.

Spouses in arranged marriages are more generous

Spouses in arranged marriages in Southern Ethiopia show more cohesion and are more generous with each other than spouses in love marriages.

The welfare state reduces income gap between the exes

Women's incomes take the hardest hit after a divorce. In Norway the welfare state eliminates the difference between husband and wife by subsidising single parents.

Heart attacks strike the spouse too

The surviving spouse is worse afflicted when the husband or wife died from a heart attack, than if they died of other causes. The spouse suffers also when their partner survives the infarct.

Norwegians worry about gay and lesbian parenthood

Although most Norwegians support same-sex marriage, only a minority give their full support to gay and lesbian couples’ right to adopt children.

Men soften with age

Dirty old men or asexual seniors? Men find new ways to make love when their bodies age.