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If it sounds and smells good, it helps us buy

Customers lingered longer and bought more based on the atmosphere in the store.

Pictures of hosts may be decisive in Airbnb bookings

Photos of your rental or good feedback from customers are not enough to seal the deal on Airbnb. One of the most decisive factors for potential customers is a nice picture of the person who is renting out their place.

Loud music confuses shoppers

Some merchants blast their customers with music in an attempt to increase sales. Swedish research, however, shows that many consumers experience the music as much too intense.

The aroma of chocolate chip cookies boosts coffee sales

Good smells can heighten your cues to buy coffee or sweet rolls, according to Swedish researchers.

Eight strategies behind successful brands

Why do some brands become bestsellers while others bite the dust? Top brands manage to strike a chord in in the public or gratify our “internal snob”.

Social media savvy for the service industries

How can “boring” products generate customer engagement on social media?

The customer isn’t always right

If a company wants to develop something radically new they shouldn’t listen too much to what the customer wants.

Worthwhile word-of-mouth on social media

Social media have brought the power of word-of-mouth to a large audience. That means your opinion can have great influence.

More easily influenced when we follow our heart

When we let our hearts choose for us, we are more influenced by people who resemble ourselves.

Explaining financial prices

The buying and selling of government bonds by banks accounts for 25 percent of the daily price changes in the market. Order flows can be used to predict future price changes.