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Researchers discover letters written to the Sun King’s wife

Letters written to Louis XIV’s wife give a unique insight into seventeenth century religion, shows a new PhD thesis.

New Book: Ice-free Greenland in photos and science

GREENLAND: Dramatic mountains, lush valleys, desert plains, deep fjords and more, are brought to life in a vivid new book: The Ice-Free Greenland.

Can comic books replace scientific articles?

Cartoons can give a clearer description of complex scientific issues than a conventional scientific article can, argue researchers.

Bad reviews of women literature 250 years ago

Badly written, trivial, unlikely plot, rubbish, aimed at immature young women. Comments on modern Pulp Fiction? No, these reviews are approximately 250 years old.

When patients lose their voice

Despite major changes in mental health care over the last century, patients’ own experiences have consistently been overlooked, according to recent findings.

The origin of fiction

Films, computer games and novels have only come into existence thanks to medieval writers who used their imagination to create novels. New research reveals the surprising historical process behind fiction.

Saga professors toast with Viking ale

More than 300 of the world’s leading Norse mythology researchers met at the 15th International Saga Conference earlier this month in Denmark.

Your DNA loves horror movies

When we watch a scary movie, we’re training our ability to cope with critical situations. This explains our natural attraction to horror, says researcher.

Why some countries are richer than others

Economists face huge challenges when trying to find the exact reasons for wealth and growth. A new thesis argues that the Roman Catholic order of Cistercians formed the basis for prosperity in the West.

Medieval texts colour our knowledge about Odin

Researchers disagree on the Viking Age conceptions of the god Odin. The source material is ambiguous and difficult to interpret.