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Linguists need preservation of languages to study human language

Indigenous languages can tell us a lot about humanity. But as we are advancing our knowledge, languages are dying out rapidly.

Evolutionary biology can help us understand how language works

We can now apply all the modern tools of computational evolutionary biology to answer linguistic questions, such as: how languages change and why they are distributed in the way that they are.

Isolated people in Sweden only stopped using runes 100 years ago

In a remote part of Sweden they used runes until just a hundred years ago. The people in the area also speak their own language: Elfdalian.

Fight on to preserve Elfdalian, Sweden's lost forest language

OPINION: Secret language has preserved linguistic features that are to be found nowhere else in Scandinavia.

Why did you become a linguist?

What draws people to study little known means of communication, such as Runes and Esperanto? Two linguists trace their intellectual journey to their research interests.

The new face of Nordic profanities

Nordic youths don’t swear more than their elders, but they use widely different profanities, a Nordic swearword conference finds.

Make your baby bilingual

Linguists say it’s never too early to learn two languages.

No fan of music and mathematics

You can hand a drumstick to an ape, but you can’t make it play a beat. This could be one of the reasons why apes have not developed an advanced language.