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Leadership and organisation

Ambiguous bosses cause recruits to quit

Newly hired employees are often unclear about what is expected of them, according to a new study.

Does social media help us work smarter?

Social media was meant to help us work smarter. So far it has only given us additional work, according to new research.

Finding tomorrow’s military leaders

Psychologists are studying how the Norwegian military selects tomorrow’s officers. Here, hopeful candidates have to crawl through the mud, help the injured and avoid mines. But is that the best way to identify good leaders?

Customers and companies benefit from online support communities

Customers get better answers and companies experience fewer complaints. And superfans who help other customers gain status.

Are leaders born or bred?

Genes explain some reasons — but not all — for why certain people seem to be born leaders.

The hotel industry - a job trap for non-native speakers

Applicants with immigrant backgrounds can easily get a job at a hotel. But the industry needs to develop better inter-departmental strategies to support career development.

CEO takes credit for success; culture is to blame when it goes wrong

Managers often blame cultural differences when a merger or acquisition fails. When it succeeds, they often take personal credit, according to a new study.

Colleagues impinge on leisure time

Norwegian engineers claim that bosses are not the ones at work that disturb them the most outside of working hours. More say it’s their other colleagues who expect them to answer calls and e-mails in their free time.

- Schools depend on strong leadership

There are virtually no examples of schools that have been able to change a negative development without strong leadership, says Tonje Constance Oterkiil, university lector at the Norwegian Centre for Learning Environment and Behavioural Research in Education.

Collaborative communities – problem solvers without bosses

Complex problems can be solved in networks where the members themselves decide how to participate. How is it possible to keep control without bosses and lines of command?