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Due process of law toned down in international criminal courts

It can be easier to convict political leaders if the fundamental values of criminal law are given low priority

Norwegian municipalities lack legal safeguards

Norwegian law does not offer enough protection for local self-government. That could have a dampening effect on the willingness of citizens to get involved in this most immediate form of democracy.

Cannabis makes inmates behave

Prison guards often turn a blind eye to cannabis smoking, because stopping inmates from smoking creates turmoil in prisons and can damage rehabilitation, says new Danish study.

Why Norway banned the purchase of sex

The demand for criminalisation of the purchase of sex gained momentum when Nigerian women began selling sex on Oslo's main street.

Different tactics in the battle against sex work and drugs

Neither sex work nor drug use can be stopped -- the best authorities can do is reduce or limit both practices. That's the conclusion of a new study which looked at contrasting approaches in Sweden and the Netherlands.

When policemen blow the whistle on their own colleagues

Is it true that policemen avoid reporting on colleagues who break the law? Perhaps not. A new study shows that policemen do blow the whistle and that the crimes are not treated with no leniency.

Voluntary sex causes as many vaginal injuries as rape

New research surprises by showing that vaginal injuries are just as common after regular intercourse as after a rape. The findings could have great implications for forensic investigations into rape cases.

No longer a private matter to slap your child

How much should Government intervene in domestic matters? In Norway they go all the way when it comes to domestic violence.

Norwegians trust their courts

Norwegians have a more rosy view of the legal system than other Europeans. But are Norwegians about to become as focused on their rights as the rest of Europe?

Children know little about the indigenous Samis

The Norwegian State has taken little initiative toward ensuring that children learn about the Sami people, although it is legally obliged to do so.