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Norway's mountain landscape has changed dramatically

It’s easy to think that the Norwegian mountains have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. New research reveals that people and animals have affected the landscape far more than you might have guessed.

It takes decades to restore a river

No quick-fix can return a river to its natural state after human intervention. It takes at least 25 years for plants to reconquer the banks of a river or stream.

Norway is on the rebound - and getting higher

Official elevations in Norway are being readjusted as the country rebounds from the last ice age. Much of the country has risen in elevation by as much as 40 centimetres.

Conception of landscape shaped today’s transport routes

In the 1800s the natural landscape began to be seen as beautiful as opposed to primitive, wild and inaccessible. This changing public perception played a major role in the development of new travel routes in Norway.

Putting the green back into greenfield management

Fragmented legislation and conflicting interests among different government agencies make Norway's management of greenfield sites piecemeal, not holistic, one legal researcher argues.