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Immigrant parents have different expectations of Norwegian kindergartens

Views on children, play and learning vary greatly between European countries. This also affects kindergarten staff in their day-to-day work, where they deal with children and parents of many different nationalities.

Here’s what kids really think of their preschool teachers

A Danish researcher asked children to say what they think about the adults who care for them.

Large kindergartens rival small ones

A typical Norwegian day care will have from 30 to 40 children. But newer ones can accommodate up to 500 pre-school kids. Too big? Size is not a decisive indicator of the quality of a kindergarten, according to a recent report.

Open day care centres fill vital role

The number of open day care centres in Norway is dropping, despite the help they give to troubled families.

Children do not automatically learn a second language

It is a myth that children develop a second language just by attending kindergarten. Preschool teachers must actively facilitate the learning process.