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Your sick leave infects your colleagues, too

Norway requires a general practitioner to certify an employee’s sick leave if he or she will be absent from work for more than three days.

Job hunt: Middle aged and older – get cold shoulder

The chances of being considered for a job seem to drop significantly when applicants are in their 40s, even if they otherwise have identical qualifications as younger persons, according to a Swedish study.

Job prospects rise with right contacts

A 19-year-old is less likely to find a job if their friends and contacts are largely unemployed, according to a Swedish study.

Immigrant women fall out of the labour market

A part-time job does not necessarily mean long-term success for integration into working life. Many immigrant women fall out of the labour market after being employed for a while.

The hotel industry - a job trap for non-native speakers

Applicants with immigrant backgrounds can easily get a job at a hotel. But the industry needs to develop better inter-departmental strategies to support career development.

How to avoid the pitfalls of job interviews

A new study shows that an employer’s gut feelings often decide who gets a job. Researchers were flies on the wall as five companies recruited staff.

Big bonuses don’t make big bosses

A good leader has a genuine interest in the work, rather than a mere wish for money. The latter is correlated with low emotional stability and low sociability.

Relevant summer jobs jumpstart careers

Contacts made in summer jobs or part-time work have an impact on how fast a young person finds permanent work after graduating from high school, according to Swedish researchers.

Careers – with a little help from our friends

A solid education and an extensive network of contacts are no guarantees for landing a good job.

The hunt for the creative individual

Some people are more creative than others and are literally bubbling with ideas, while others rarely or never show signs of creativity. What should we look for when searching for creative people?