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The Internet

Archaeology is being revolutionised by amateur collectors

A new database created with the help of amateur archaeologists provides an improved and quicker overview of archaeological finds.

Stressed by technology

Technology makes it easier to disturb people. Managers must take this into consideration, according to researchers.

New app prevents phone tapping

The need for privacy is greater than ever after Edward Snowden revealed that the US is monitoring people using sophisticated software. Danish researchers have now developed an app that makes it harder to tap smartphones.

Can young networkers revolutionise science?

A new generation of scientists is reinventing research in networks that are driven by raw passion. The industry is watching on the sidelines keen to get on the bandwagon.

Secure computation on confidential data

How can data from multi-party computation be used in a calculation if this data must be confidential? Danish computer scientists have come a step closer to an answer.

Finnish school abandons books for tablets

Some first-graders in Finland are being educated without printed books.

Online generation starts watching porn earlier

The first generation to have had unrestricted access to online porn is now entering adulthood. Will they approach sex in the same way as previous generations?

Quicker internet comes with a twist

Scientists have come up with a new way of boosting internet bandwidth. They aim to twist the light in the net’s optic cables.

Big Data – for better or worse

A full 90 percent of all the data in the world has been generated over the last two years. The internet companies are awash with data that can be grouped and utilised. Is this a good thing?

Danish youths shun political debate on Facebook

Young people ’like’ politicians on Facebook to gain information and to be part of a political platform. But they don’t want to appear too engaged.