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International relations

Are European NATO states freeloading?

Perhaps the US president has a point. Are European NATO countries simply piggybacking on US defence efforts?

Power and politics needed to revise newly acquired subsidiaries

One key to success in knowledge transfer when a multinational corporation takes over a subsidiary is finding the right balance between give and take.

Norwegian students prefer English-speaking countries

Great Britain and the US are on top of the list for most Norwegians who want to study abroad. While expert urges them go places where they can learn German or French.

Increased quality is main goal in the internationalisation of Norwegian education

Quality development is often stated as a main goal in Norwegian universities and university colleges’ strategies on internationalisation. Ideals such as solidarity and personal formation are less present.

Serengeti road divides biologists

Will a road across the northern tier of Serengeti National Park ruin it?

International students happy with studies in Norway

Prices are high and sunny days are few, but quality education and research are the reasons why international students choose Norway as their study destination.

Due process of law toned down in international criminal courts

It can be easier to convict political leaders if the fundamental values of criminal law are given low priority

A more peaceful world awaits

Statistical analyses show that the world will be more peaceful in the future. In about 40 years only half as many countries will be in conflict. The decrease will be greatest in the Middle East.

Victims of sex trafficking return home to great expectations

Nigerian women who sell sex on the streets of Europe are met with huge expectations from their families when they return to Africa.

Denmark cannot apologise for slave trade

As the centennial for Denmark’s sale of the former Danish West Indies approaches, a grass root movement is putting pressure on Denmark to apologise for the slave trade that took place there.