World Record in data transmission over a single fibre

One petabit per second fiber transmission over 50 kilometres has been achieved in collaboration between Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Fujikura Ltd., Hokkaido University, Japan, and DTU Fotonik’s High-Speed Optical Communications Group (HSOC) at the Technical University of Denmark.

This technology makes it possible to send 5000 HDTV videos per second over a single fibre.

Professor Toshio Morioka, currently of the HSOC group at DTU Fotonik, has tackled the challenge of future traffic demand and come up with an approach that has emerged as a dominant worldwide trend in the quest for greater capacity in communications systems.

He has achieved this breakthrough significantly sooner than expected.

The findings were presented last week at ECOC 2012 in Amsterdam in a postdeadline paper.

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