Will fight tuition fees

(Illustration: Colourbox)

In Norway 68 percent of students say no to tuition fees. Students elsewhere in Europe are up in arms protesting increased tuition fees.

London, 10th of November: Ten thousands of students shatter the windows of the Conservative party’s headquarters. Stones, rotten fruit and shards of glass are thrown at riot control police officers. Anarchistic signs are sprayed on walls of the buildings interior. The students of England are livid after the conservative government’s decision to raise tuition fees.

In Norway students resound with a clear “no!” to the proposition of introducing tuition fees. A survey by Sentio for Universitas and the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO) shows that 68 percent of students studying higher education in Norway are negatively disposed to the idea of tuition fees.

– I’ll be in the frontlines of an eventual demonstration if the Norwegian government wants to introduce tuition fees. I’ll gladly organize the rally myself, says Runa Næss Thomassen, student at the University of Oslo.

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