Will boost innovation in the public sector

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The Research Council of Norway’s new policy for innovation in the public sector is scheduled to be launched in spring 2012. The public sector employs 30 per cent of Norway’s labour force and represents a very large segment of the national economy.

“Renewal of the public sector will be achieved through innovation, not least within the health and care services sector,” says Jesper Simonsen, Executive Director of the Division for Society and Health at the Research Council (RCN).

RCN will boost innovation by encouraging knowledge-building communities and allocating funding to innovation projects that involve and target the public sector.

The rapidly rising number of elderly in the Norwegian population is one great concern. If people continue to retire at the age they do today, the number of old-age pensioners per employed persons will nearly double in the next 50 years.

Steinar Barstad, Specialist Director at the Ministry of Health and Care Services, points out that it is not the growing number of elderly that is the cause of the care crisis, but rather the notion that care services cannot be provided in other ways than they are today. Stimulating innovation in the public sector will trigger new solutions for how to improve the use of public resources.

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