White paper on research with a long-term perspective

On 8 March 2013 the Norwegian Government presented its new white paper on research Lange linjer – kunnskap gir muligheter (“Long-term perspectives – knowledge provides opportunity”).

Arvid Hallén, Director General of the Research Council of Norway, commented on the white paper in his blog:

The new white paper on research makes it clear that research has become an even more important part of all sectors of society. The research strategies of the individual ministries are summarised in an attachment to the white paper; for the Research Council, this illustrates that all sectors of society are now incorporating a knowledge perspective as an important part of their strategic thinking.

Perhaps the most important message from the white paper is that the Government wishes to develop a long-term plan for research. Research investment must have a long-term perspective, and the authorities must give clear signals about what they hope to achieve. It has long been the Research Council’s experience that one-year budgets are problematic, and the Council has previously recommended developing a long-term programme for research. It will be exciting to take part in the development of a new research policy instrument which places the annual budget in the context of more long-range thinking.

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