Volcanological supersite led by Icelandic scientists

Freysteinn Sigmundsson, geophysicist at the Nordic Volcanological Centre at the University of Iceland’s Institute of Earth Sciences heads an extensive cooperative project involving European universities, institutes and corporations aimed at coordinating watching and research of volcanoes.

The goal is to develop new ways to evaluate eruptions and their predictive signs. The University of Iceland’s Institute of Earth Sciences and the Icelandic Met Office lead the project. Other Icelandic collaborators are the National Police Commissioner Civil Protection Division, the IT companies Miracle and Samsýn, which work in the field of cartography, geographical information, and management systems.

Over one hundred European Scientists will probably contribute to the project in the 3.5 years it is planned to run.

The project has been awarded a grant of just under €6,000,000 from the EU and contracts with all collaborators are currently being signed. The grant is the highest one ever received by an Icelandic scientist to head a European project. Around one third of the money will be allocated to Icelandic participants.

Read the full story on the University of Iceland website

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