University of Stavanger joins network of innovative universities

Principal Marit Boyesen at the UiS enjoys a visit from Finn Kjærsdam, her principal colleague at Aalborg University. Both institutions are now members of the ECIU.

The University of Stavanger is the first and only Norwegian university to become member of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU).

"Our entry into the ECIU is an international recognition of our academic quality and profile. Furthermore, the membership will help us become even more international, innovative, research intensive and cooperative regionally and internationally," says Rector Marit Boyesen at the UiS.

Regional development

Boyesen is convinced that students, staff and external partners in the region will benefit from the membership.

"We will intensify our efforts in internationalising our study programmes, facilitating student and staff exchange, focusing on innovative teaching methods and encouraging entrepreneurial activities," says Boyesen.

The ECIU is a network of 11 innovative universities in Europe.

These institutions have several traits in common. They are relatively young and research intensive, they enjoy close collaboration with industry, contribute to regional development and innovation and focus on problem-based methods in education.

Impressed in Stavanger

Katrin Dircksen, ECIU Secretary General, welcomes the University of Stavanger wholeheartedly as the Norwegian partner in the consortium of innovative universities.

“During our visit of the university, we were impressed by its very close links with, industry, business and the public sector in the Stavanger region. We also appreciate the efforts of the university to internationalise the study programmes. Therefore, we are convinced that the University of Stavanger will make an excellent contribution to ECIU,” says Dircksen.

Systematic work

News of the ECIU membership was met with joy and excitement both inside and outside the university. County Governor and former Minister for Higher Education and Research, Tora Aasland, was among the first to congratulate.

“We have every reason to be proud of the University of Stavanger’s inclusion into the European Consortium of Innovative Universities. The UiS has worked systematically, and with determination, to strengthen the innovation part of the knowledge triangle. Thanks to openness and cooperation with regional industry and society, the university has now achieved an important and well-earned international recognition,” says Aasland.

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