Successful international conference on population dynamics

In January, 130 international researchers in the field of population dynamics and economics in developing countries gathered in Oslo to exchange knowledge, ideas and experience. It was the first time Oslo was the venue for this major conference.

The Population and Poverty (PopPov) Research Network is run by the non-profit Population Reference Bureau in the USA. Through the network, researchers from Europe and the USA collaborate with colleagues in developing countries to find answers on issues related to population dynamics.

How does the health situation of mothers and children in developing countries affect population growth, and what are the impacts on economic development? These issues are being given broad focus by the PopPov researchers.

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Norwegian elite support immigration

The social elite in Norway are more supportive of immigration than the rest of the country’s population. The elite are also very supportive of the welfare state, but not everyone with lots of money is thrilled with the redistribution of wealth.