Social-science perspective on Norwegian petroleum activities

I am very pleased about the Research Council’s initiative to increase knowledge about petroleum resources, says Frode Mellemvik, PETROMSAM 2 programme board chair. (Photo: Universitetet i Nordland)

The new Programme on Social Science Research related to the Petroleum Sector (PETROSAM 2) will enhance research-based knowledge about Norway as a petroleum-producing nation and stakeholder in the petroleum sector.

The primary tasks for the PETROSAM 2 programme will be to establish knowledge about the value and management of petroleum resources on the Norwegian continental shelf and to place Norwegian petroleum activities in a regional and Arctic perspective. The programme will also work to develop a stable, highly skilled research environment that can make a mark internationally within the programme’s thematic priority areas, and provide valuable input to the Norwegian public debate.

The PETROSAM 2 programme continues the social science-based research on the petroleum sector which the Research Council has administered via a number of programmes since the early 1980s.

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