Sensational find of Hans Christian Andersen's first tale

Lovers of Hans Christian Andersen in Denmark, China, Japan and other parts of the world can look forward to reading a hitherto unknown tale by the great storyteller - a tale that must be considered the first he wrote. The find has been made in the Funen Provincial Archives.

At the Funen Provincial Archives enthusiasm is running high. If you ask Denmark's leading Hans Christian Andersen expert, Ejnar Stig Askgård, he is in no doubt - it's a sensational find that has turned up: "It's my view that this is a transcript of one of Hans Christian Ander­sen's earliest tales. It's a work of his youth, from before Andersen's real debut as a writer and poet. So the manuscript The Tallow Candle must be considered the first tale from the pen of Hans Christian Andersen. It's a fantastic find."

Archive Director Mads Peter Christensen, too, can hardly contain his excitement about the extraordinary find:

"At the Danish State Archives we are responsible for over 435 shelf-kilometres of Danish history, and thus for an incredibly large number of archive packages. What we have is nothing less than a treasure chest of stories. All the same we were surprised when we were contacted by a genealogical researcher in the reading room, Esben Brage, who had found the transcription of the Hans Christian Andersen tale in a package of the Plum family's private papers, We had no previous knowledge of the tale, and it's a very pleasant surprise - an early Christmas present to all of us."

Read the full story on the Danish State Archives' website

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