Research focus on migration

BSRS 2012: Professor Mette Andersson is scientific co-ordinator for Bergen Summer Research School in 2012. (Photo: Fredrik Mandal)

Now in its fifth year, Bergen Summer Research School will focus on transnational migration. 

Globalisation has always been at the heart of Bergen Summer Research School (BSRS) and this year’s event is no different.  This year’s subject is «Transnational Migration and Global Development». There will be a transnational perspective both regarding economic and political aspects of migration flow.

"We are interested in looking at subjects such as transnational migration flows, problems related to emigration and immigration and the relation immigrants have to their home countries and the diaspora," Mette Andersson says.  She is scientific co-ordinator for BSRS 2012 and also Professor of Sociology at the University of Bergen (UiB). 

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