Planning climate research in Norway

Longyear at Svalbard (Photo: Colourbox)

The Research Council of Norway’s 10-year Large-scale programme on Climate Change and its Impacts in Norway (NORKLIMA) will draw to a close in 2013. Planning for continued activities in Norwegian climate research is underway.

“Now we want to hear the thoughts of the various national and international stakeholders regarding future needs for knowledge about climate issues,” says Camilla Schreiner, Director of the Department for Climate and Polar Research at the Research Council.

In cooperation with Norway’s universities, the Research Council is hosting dialogue meetings around the country to gather input and viewpoints from research institutions and trade and industry. In addition, a separate dialogue meeting with relevant ministries, agencies and administrative bodies will be held.

The various ongoing processes are to be completed by summer 2012.

“We don’t yet know the future model for Norwegian climate research in the post-NORKLIMA era,” continues Dr Schreiner. “But the objective is clear: its targets and structure will enable Norwegian researchers to make a significant contribution to dealing with climate change effectively – at both the national and the global level.”

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