Petroleum research still vibrant

(Photo: Colourbox)

In 2011 the Research Council of Norway’s Large-scale Programme on Optimal Management of Norwegian Petroleum Resources (PETROMAKS) allocated 20.3 million Euro to 22 new innovation projects for the industrial sector – ranging from monitoring ice drift in the Arctic to treating produced water from petroleum recovery operations.

Research groups and companies submitted applications for a total of nearly 78.3 million Euro in funding for innovative projects of high calibre. Many of the project proposals addressed topics related to the environment and increased petroleum recovery.

“This harmonises well with national priorities within this research field,” says Tarjei Malme, programme coordinator of the PETROMAKS programme.

Petroleum operations on the Norwegian continental shelf are considered cutting-edge in terms of promoting safety and preventing hazardous discharges to the sea. Yet there is always room for improvement.

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