Opens research centre on private equity

Wednesday February 1 the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) will open Scandinavia's first research centre focusing on private equity, The Argentum Centre for Private Equity.

The new centre's mission statement is to produce objective and independent research of the highest quality on all topics related to private equity.

The research centre is a joint venture between NHH researchers and practitioners at the asset management firm Argentum, who specializes in private equity.

"Compared to the US, private equity is fairly new in Europe, and this is reflected in the amount of research that has been done," says Associate Professor Carsten Bienz at NHH Department of Finance and Management Science.

The Centre's ambition is to become the prime data centre for information about private equity activity in the Nordic countries and run the prime platform for PE-related discussions in Scandinavia. They plan to build a comprehensive database on PE in Norway and the other Nordic countries by combining existing databases. Further aims are to increase number of papers written and published on private equity related subjects and to increase public understanding of private equity.

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