Norwegian marine research strategy underway

Fish farming is one area of marine research in Norway. (Foto: iStockphoto)

At present, Norway spends around NOK 2.8 billion annually on marine research.

A report proposing a collective strategy for future Norwegian marine research will be completed by the end of 2012. A strategy committee has begun the process of drawing up the strategy report, which has been dubbed Hav21.

The aim of the Hav21 strategy is to identify the areas in which Norway needs new knowledge to strengthen management of and industrial development based on marine resources.

The strategy process will encompass four thematic areas: Aquaculture, Fisheries, Food (i.e. bio-based industries, including bioprospecting), and Management.

“The mandate for the Hav21 strategy initiative reflects Norway’s position as an export-oriented seafood nation that is seeking to exploit its oceans and marine resources in the most constructive and innovative manner possible, also in future. To do so, Norway must obtain the insight needed to enable it to take the right decisions and ensure that the country can continue to harvest its ocean riches,” said Liv Monica Stubholt, who chairs the strategy committee.

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