New programme funds culture and society research

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The Research Council’s new Programme for Cultural Conditions Underlying Social Change (SAMKUL) has announced funding of  Euro 13 million for research in all of the programme’s thematic priority areas.

Work is done to incorporate perspectives from the humanities and social sciences in the Council’s large-scale programmes in the areas of biotechnology, aquaculture, petroleum activities, nanotechnology, climate, clean energy and ICT.

“The new programme will give us insight into how cultural conditions work in conjunction with society. We are dependent on humanities and social science research to help us understand why changes occur or not, and how these patterns can be changed,” says Dr Aaslestad, chair of the SAMKUL programme board and a professor of literature at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Dr Aaslestad emphasises that research under the SAMKUL programme will by no means be limited to humanities scholars and social scientists. The interplay between people and their environment must also be explained with input from natural scientists, technology experts, physicians and others across established disciplinary boundaries.

Read the full story at The Research Council of Norway

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