New game simplifies complex climate change issues

Researchers from the Nordic Centre of Excellence NORD-STAR have taken part in developing an interactive game named ‘Broken Cities’.

The game creates discussion around the complexity of decision-making related to climate change adaptation and mitigation in urban areas.

The real-world environment and informal setting of the game makes it a powerful tool for aiding understanding and decision-making in relation to climate change issues.

In a field that is highly complex for many people to understand, interactive games prove useful as a tool to help people understand climate change and facilitate informed decision-making when planning urban areas. According to Science Domain Co-Leader of NORD-STARDr Sirkku Juhola from Aalto University in Finland, games have several benefits as a methodological tool.

“A game simplifies the complexity of the concept of climate change. Furthermore, it allows players to empathise with opposing points of view through the lens of play-acting in the game, allowing them to try things they would never do in ”real life” and thus experiment with alternative futures in a safe environment. By its very nature, a game is informal, and therefore people who don’t know each other tend to build trust more easily and communicate openly. And it’s fun, says Juhola.

The game can be downloaded for free here.

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