More foreign doctorate students

(Illustration: Colourbox)

There were more doctorate candidates at the University of Bergen in 2011 than ever before.  254 candidates received a doctoral degree last year.  This is 17 more than in the previous year.

"The programme for educating researchers is one big success story. It has been our goal to have 250 candidates for many years now, and this year we managed," says Rector Sigmund Grønmo.

The facts behind the figures show that the number of female candidates is fairly stable, with a marginal decrease from 45.6 percent in 2010 to 44.9 percent in 2011.

Most foreign students come from European countries, with a total of 40 doctorate candidates in 2011 and 35 in 2010. But Asia has by far the biggest increase, with a doubling from15 to 30.

Read the full story at På Høyden, University of Bergen

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