Mid-term evaluation: Successful national researcher schools

(Photo: Sverre Jarild)

The mid-term evaluation of the scheme for national graduate-level researcher schools (FORSKERSKOLER) has concluded that the five national researcher schools launched in 2009 have been a great success. The Research Council of Norway is allocating a total of NOK 46 million to the schools for an additional three-year period.

“The evaluation shows that the researcher schools have enhanced the calibre of researcher training at the partner institutions. The doctoral students enrolled in these national schools have enjoyed a wider selection of courses than their home institutions could offer on their own,” says Anders Hanneborg, Executive Director of the Division for Science at the Research Council.

The national researcher training schools in Norway are organised as a network between Norwegian universities and university colleges and target a specialised subject area. A panel of Nordic experts led by Göran Gustafsson of Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, was responsible for conducting the mid-term evaluation of the first five researcher schools.

The mid-term evaluation concludes that the researcher schools have successfully established coordinated researcher training at the national level in their respective subject areas. They complement and enhance the selection of courses offered by the individual partner institutions and have attracted a significant number of Ph.D. students.

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